Visit to the Titanic

Ballylifford Primary School CASE Peace IV Shared Education programme with neighbouring school Coagh PS concluded this year with a visit to the Titanic exhibition in Belfast.

Coagh 1

This was our final session over a ten week period which has been a wonderful experience for both schools with super learning taking place in the curriculum areas of Numeracy and World Around Us. The programme also provided the children with the opportunity of forming new friendships and experiences which both school aim to further develop next year.  

On their visit to the Titanic, the children viewed interactive galleries, drawing together special effects, dark rides and full-scale reconstructions. They got an opportunity to experience artefacts and see recounts of the shipyard and the depths of the ocean through the exhibition tour. 

They also visited the world's last remaining White Star vessel and RMS Titanic's original tender ship - SS Nomadic! They walked the decks, explored the ship, and completed messaging activities workshops.

Well done to both schools and thank you to Mr Bayne, the staff and pupils of Coagh PS for making it a very positive experience collaborating together.