Shared Education Benefitting both Pupils and Teachers

Hardy Memorial PS and St Patrick's PS Armagh have been sharing classes for almost two years, working and sharing professional expertise between schools as well as providing opportunities to their pupils to engage in shared learning.



Hardy Memorial PS and St Patrick's PS Armagh have been sharing classes for almost two years.  Working together to plan and teach together, they've developed excellent relationships providing an extraordinary model for the pupils. 

The children made friends in face to face shared classes and sustained these relationships through online collaboration using G-suite.

For one of the Year groups, they used this blended approach to learning, exploring the World War 2 topic together. They also researched and found out more about cultural dances and learnt dances together during shared PE classes.

They also discussed this issues around online bullying during shared PDMU classes, linking some of the activities to Anti-bullying week.

During a recent On-Line collaboration TPL module, two teachers, Julie McClughan from Hardy Memorial PS, Richhill and Ashlene Smith, St Patrick's PS Armagh shared their learning from the previous online TPL module they attended and the work they did together as a result of the course.

They highlighted both the reconciliation and educational benefits for teachers and children involved, including: enhanced friendships and teamwork skills; learning new ICT skills; increase in confidence of both teachers and children; worthwhile activities done together; (not a ‘bolt on’) the ease of communication with and to each other and no additional costs incurred. 

They also referenced the links to DE’s Learning Leaders Strategy and the clear links they made to the UICT tasks.  The coordinating teachers plan to disseminate and transfer their learning and experiences to other staff members from both schools during shared staff training in May.