Learning - Together Apart

During the pandemic, the dedicated teachers from Ballougry, Rathmullan and Ramelton kept the partnership alive honing their collaborative online skills, learning and working together while remaining grounded in their own location.  

Surpassing expectations

Unstoppable is sometimes the adjective used when describing an extraordinary force of nature.  COVID 19 has brought extraordinary challenges to the education system and understandably communities could be reduced to inward survival mode.  But when a partnership has been well cemented by friendship this danger is averted and collaboration proves to be unstoppable.  This video showcases the successful ongoing collaboration within the partnership of Ballougry PS, Ayr Hill NS and St Joseph's NS, Rathmullan in 2020/21 and how this continued despite the disruption caused by the pandemic.

Focus on Wellness and Friendship

Visual display of the outcome of the partnership's focus on wellness and friendship.  Schools and communities in the partnership focused on the school communities' well-being which brought them safely through to a fun end of year activity.