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Share the Walk Poster

Share the Walk

As part of a way of keeping all our shared schools connected during this challenging time, CASE schools were invited to take part in ‘Share the Walk’.   CASE now has an extensive network of schools as evidenced on the map.  While COVID-19 constrained certain activities, school staff and the entire school community could still remain engaged by sharing certain activities.  Sharing a virtual walk could allow anyone visit some or all of the schools engaged in CASE by moving beyond their immediate locale.  Using ‘My Virtual Mission’ app, the CASE team plotted a range of walks.  Towns that had a CASE partnership featured as milestones along the way.  As a walker reaches a milestone, a postcard is generated, and some postcards include a further challenge or fun activity. 


The challenges also tie in with the wellbeing goals planned at the outset of the year as well as contributing to the PE curriculum, mathematical prowess.  There is also an environmental element.  Each week schools count up the collective distances covered and in autumn we plan to plant trees in shared spaces to mark this achievement and be a collective reminder of CASE as well as making a real contribution to a greener environment.  In time these places could become a focus for outdoor learning activities.

The challenge counts towards the pupil activity engagement and complement the plans that schools have already made.


As part of the initiative pupils were asked to design Share the Walk posters and take photos of places they discovered along the way, sharing them on Twitter if they choose too.  Many of these will feature in the Spring Newsletter. 

Let’s keep walking and see how much we can walk collectively, how many trees we can plant and don’t forget to share the photos and the fun!