Shared Education enables schools from different sectors to work in partnership to provide opportunities for pupils, staff and community to engage in collaborative and meaningful learning experiences.

The Education Authority (EA) in Northern Ireland has been working with its partner Léargas in the Republic of Ireland since September 2017 to deliver the Collaboration and Sharing in Education Project.

CASE is funded by the European Union under the PEACE IV programme, and is targeted at primary and post-primary schools across Northern Ireland and the Border Counties with no previous experience of providing shared education opportunities for children and young people.

CASE aims to build a culture of good relations amongst children and young people in a school based setting. Delivery will be through the provision of direct, sustained, curricular-based contact between children and teachers from all backgrounds.  

Through collaborative working the participating schools will promote good relations amongst pupils, staff and parents, enhance educational outcomes for all and provide shared professional development opportunities for teachers.

The following arrangements of schools are acceptable within the project:

  • shared partnerships between schools within Northern Ireland
  • shared partnerships between schools in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties of Ireland
  • shared partnerships between schools within the Border Counties of Ireland

The project is open to all schools in the six Border Counties of Ireland as well as schools in Northern Ireland which are not currently involved in the DSC Signature Project for Shared Education.

This project is supported by the European Union's PEACE Programme, managed by the Special EU Programme Body.

Last modified: 29 January 2019